Global Venture has a proven record of success in emerging markets because of its principals’ instincts and market experience. We know when growth is about to occur and how to leverage resources to foster that growth. We have experienced our own growth and we have a proven history of assisting others succeed as well.


Impact of Technology Disruption on the Natural Resource Industries

Signaled by the 2015 Paris Agreement, a low carbon transition has begun, sparking huge structural changes in markets. These trends will have substantial implications not only for metals demand, but also for development in mining-rich countries around the world.A low carbon transition is likely to have a material impact across copper and other metals markets, given the high metal intensity of many green technologies.

Analysis is needed to help developing countries capture opportunities and mitigate the risks associated with supplying raw materials to a low-carbon economy. Low-carbon energy systems are more metal-intensive than traditional energy systems, and this may hamper the transition to a low-carbon economy, as mining exploration and production timelines are not aligned with the constantly evolving needs of low- carbon technology — due to the speed of innovation and adaptation. Global Venture is at the forefront of evaluating the impact of this disruption on mining and natural resource markets in emerging and frontier markets.

Data for Decision Makers

Global Venture is engaged with strategic partners on technology offerings that allow the integration of aerial imagery – whether captured by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) or traditional platforms – with sub-surface mineral and water data. This initiative makes mineral data visual and accessible to asset promoters, investors, and local stakeholders.

Global Venture developed and successfully executed the “Data for Decision Makers” workshop model to showcase how remote sensing data can be integrated and used by private and public sector stakeholders at a national level.

Energy Technology

We currently work with clients on energy opportunity development throughout North Africa with a focus on Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. Global Venture is also facilitating international investment in strategic opportunities in the region, working closely with investors and local parties to ensure successful and sustainable long-term relationships.

Post Conflict Mineral Development

Global Venture has been engaged with Afghanistan's mining industry since 2009, and continues to lead and support efforts in copper, chromite, and coal. Global Venture advises clients on other key commodities and minerals of interest such as lithium, rare earth elements, talc, gemstones, and gold.

Our commitments to Afghanistan as a nation and to our local partners are the foundation of our success in this challenging but evolving market.


Global Venture works with partner companies looking to bring technology to emerging andfrontier markets, with a focus on the mining, oil and gas, and water infrastructure industries.