Building a better future means empowering entrepreneurs, investors, companies and government clients to solve the biggest challenges in frontier and developing markets.

GV leverages our ecosystem of innovation partners to pursue unique opportunities in new markets for the mining, oil and gas, agriculture, critical infrastructure and natural resources sectors.


PDAC 2019

The 2019 Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention is March 3-6 in Toronto. Are you going to be there? If so, contact us and let us know, we would love to connect with you at this event and discuss ways to collaborate together! If you are not going to PDAC, what can we do to assist you while we are there? Do you have an interest in a specific technical session, investor presentation, or need some fact finding done? Do you need to connect with a company or an entrepreneur who is attending PDAC? Let us be your delegate by proxy and help you take advantage of what the PDAC convention has to offer.

If you’re interested in attending PDAC 2019, you can learn more about it and register HERE.

We hope to see you in Toronto next week!

Big Data, Technology, and Mineral Exploration

The 21st Century economy is dependent on a steady supply of minerals coming to market, for everything from the manufacture of consumer goods to renewable energy and national security. However, mineral exploration and mining areas challenging and costly as ever. The Global Venture team is dedicated to finding and employing cutting edge technologies to search for new deposits, make critical decisions about mining investments, and mine deposits more efficiently and effectively. We partner with technology firms developing new ways to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance knowledge and understanding of mining opportunities. We continue to collaborate with tech firms fielding the latest innovations in sensor and drone development, and autonomous vehicles to make it easier efficient, and cost effective to search for and map mineral deposits.

Going International: Bear Manufacturing

Global Venture excels identifying innovative companies to enter new markets and prosper. Our partner Bear Manufacturing in Brockway, Pennsylvania is a case in point. Bear manufactures metal components critical to unconventional drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. For years, Bear has been a highly successful and profitable company supplying customers in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Global Venture recognized the potential Bear had to serve overseas markets and introduced the company’s management to oil and gas company executives in North Africa interested in unconventional drilling. Now, Bear and Global Venture are preparing to enter into a joint venture with an Algerian oil company and will soon be an international company manufacturing its components in a new facility in Algiers! GVs team excels at finding overlooked opportunities in frontier and developing markets like we did with Bear Manufacturing, and achieve tremendous success there.

Minerals, Mining, and the Green Revolution

Check out Global Venture CEO Emily King’s latest article in Geology for Investors where she notes that “While we still remain reliant on fossil fuels, there is tremendous momentum towards renewable energy in many countries. Increasingly, our homes and businesses are powered by solar panels and wind turbines. Similarly, electric vehicles are being adopted rapidly and replacing their gas-powered forbearers. However, this green revolution will not run on bamboo; instead, it will require robust supplies of minerals, some of which can be difficult to obtain, to ensure that we can effectively harness the energy we need. As the U.S. and other nations increasingly move to a renewable energy economy, they will have to ensure they have the raw materials required to do so readily available.”

You can check out the article HERE.


Global Venture works with partner companies looking to bring technology to emerging andfrontier markets, with a focus on the mining, oil and gas, and water infrastructure industries.