GV provides a scalable, innovation Accelerator Platform incorporating disruptive technologies and capabilities from the Natural Resources market sector. The GV Accelerator Platform leverages new, transformative technologies and emerging capabilities with a willingness to honor modern values, safety, and corporate responsibility.


GV incorporates new emerging technology and collaborates across industry to develop new systems and processes, leading to a higher return on investment and more efficient and sustainable growth. Our increasingly connected world and the availability of disruptive technologies has led to insight never before available on how minerals are mined, sourced, and used.


Our ability to operate on the ground in emerging and frontier markets has provided us with access to strategic opportunities that otherwise may be overlooked or undervalued, and visibility at a resolution needed for strategic, operational, and managerial decisions.

Global Venture provides insight where others see only chaos and instability.

We accelerate growth in our projects at an early stage in opportunity development by integrating ground truth and access to technology innovation as a disruptive tool.


GV continues to expand around the globe as we bring innovation, technical expertise, and technology integration to new international markets and facilitate international investment in strategic opportunities and portfolios.

Global Venture's Accelerator Platform creates a collaborative environment where ideas and investments can grow, protected from restrictive and limiting corporate structure and nonproductive processes.

GV developed this platform to create a space for companies to interact with innovation and not just observe it. GV's Accelerator Platform drives economic benefit with equity investment models and by integrating innovative technologies into GV's existing capabilities.

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Everywhere you travel in the world, people seek a better future for their children.

GV supports that universal goal by delivering the intellectual and financial capital to accelerate big ideas for positive change in frontier and developing markets.

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