Global Venture leverages ground truth with remote sensing and emerging technologies to transport clients to project locations in remote and complex environments. You never have to leave your office..

We broker and integrate technology to provide a realistic picture of what is happening on the ground, at a level of detail and resolution that gives clients the confidence needed for strategic, operational, and managerial decisions.

Our clients often utilize Global Venture as an in-house advisor and even as a long-term strategic partner. We provide data, advice, and support to maximize your investment of time and capital while minimizing risk.


We manage our clients’ opportunities like we do our own, and that makes for a uniquely transparent relationship.

Our vast set of technical and operational solutions combines with partners and on-the-ground experience to ensure a carefully curated approach to every single company and every single opportunity.

From its inception, Global Venture has handled its projects comprehensively. We are a powerful partner at any stage or any level of mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, and water resource consulting. We collaborate with existing managers and operational teams to ensure the execution of successful and sustainable projects.

Our work spans continents and countries, and continues to expand across the globe as we bring innovation, technical expertise, and technology integration to new international markets.

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We provide you with access to a growing global portfolio of strategic opportunities in geographic markets aligned with your company’s growth objectives and risk tolerance.

Our International Operations branch offers 360-degree operational planning and execution services. We ensure our clients stay completely organized, with no stone left unturned.

The breadth of our operations knowledge ensures you have the convenience of everything being cared for in one trusted place.

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